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2008 Winners

From left to right: Third runner-up, Phyllis Chickett from MN. First runner-up, Ruth Gibson from ME. 2009 Queen - Toya Andrew from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Second runner-up, Connie Gabriel from MN. 4th runner-up and winner of the Flaming Glow award, Lynnette Schlager from Pahrump, Nevada.

2007 Winners

The winners' court at this year's Senior Sweethearts pageant is shown above. From left to right are first runner-up Frances Christian, second runner-up Lynette Schlager, Marty Tuohy and his wife, Miss Senior Sweetheart winner Carol Tuohy, fourth runner-up Divina Alora-Jacome, and third runner-up Sharon Maloney.

Steve Aguiar, Chairman of the Board of Directors
of Ms Senior Sweetheart Pageants of American Inc,
with 2005-2006 queen Virginia Freeman and Anita Raposa,
1st Queen of the Ms Senior Sweetheart Pageants in 1978

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